Group discussion

A warm welcome

At the Harrogate District Consensus, we want to improve Harrogate and we want to enhance our local democracy. This platform helps you – the people of Harrogate – to steer local politicians and decision-makers to make better decisions, improving Harrogate for all.

We do this by running online anonymous conversations about the big issues affecting Harrogate. We believe that we have the wisdom to solve our own problems. We do not support any political party or candidate.

Deploying the very best technology – Polis –we survey thousands of people in Harrogate, unearthing the best ideas and building consensus. Social media thrives on dividing people, whereas, by using Polis, we bring people together, without fear of cancelling people.

Our first Polis survey in Harrogate, about the Station Gateway, attracted over 23,000 votes in just 7 days. Prior to our Polis, the perception was that people of Harrogate were either simply for or against the Station Gateway Scheme, but the data revealed numerous consensus points which could and should be explored.

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