William James Rigby

About William James Rigby

I like fixing things – this was something that impressed me about my dad, who could do wonders with bits of string and wire. However, it’s not ‘Repair Shop’ stuff alone that interests me, but aspects of our society that could benefit from support. I worked for a long time with schools and headteachers, ‘fixing’ their organisations, and in East Africa, starting a new university.

It has become apparent that our society needs ‘fixing’, but the problems run deep, so the mending process involves us all working together, in harmony, with an eye on a common goal. I feel my experience is just right to help our district succeed in this endeavour. Old methods and ‘business as usual’ have led us in the wrong direction. I am now convinced that Green values and principles offer the best route to a happier future, not only for ourselves but also for all our companions and fellow creatures.

Living in Knaresborough for eight years has been a happy and rewarding time for my family and me. After experience on the Town Council, I know what works best and how to serve and be responsive to local needs. This experience fits me well for working with the community on the next stage of its journey.

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