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I’m Robin, born and raised in North Yorkshire (with some detours via South Korea, Slovakia and Texas), and now happily settled in the beautiful city of Ripon. Myself and my wife have a young family of three kids and two dogs, with whom we love to visit the fantastic outdoor and wild places our local area has to offer. Getting outside also provides a welcome break from managing the IT infrastructure of a scientific electronics company I have worked for over the past decade.

My interest in politics started at high school in Knaresborough, where my excellent teachers taught me the societal value of political participation, if you don’t engage, then nothing will get better. As a councillor, my goal will be to represent the interests of the people of Ripon and ensure that they have access to the public services they need in an environment that supports their health and wellbeing. I am standing as a Green Party candidate because they are the only Party that shares my commitment to protecting our planet whilst promoting a fairer society for everyone.

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