Paul Geoffrey Trewhitt


About Paul Geoffrey Trewhitt

I am a chartered marketer by profession but currently easing into retirement. I joined the Green Party eight years ago. I am a father of three and a grandfather to one. My primary concern is the environmental legacy current policies will leave on future generations.

I have lived in Lower Nidderdale for the last 20 years and feel well grounded within the community. My Great Grandfather farmed in the valley at the time of the First World War. I am interested in local and environmental issues which will affect this community. My main concerns are:

  • Flooding and water run-off
  • Sustainable and affordable housing
  • Energy poverty and reliance on fossil fuels
  • Better public and sustainable transport
  • Local jobs and distribution of local healthy food
  • Protecting local public services, education and infrastructure from further government cuts
  • An end to austerity and an opposition to central government policies
  • I’m a keen cyclist, scuba diver and photographer.

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