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About Leighton Anunda Regayre

I am a climate science researcher at the University of Leeds and have lived in North Yorkshire for over 20 years. For several decades, we’ve understood the science that causes the planet to heat in response to human activity. Scientists think there is just enough time to save our way of life if we act now.

I want to live in a nation with the political will to tackle the climate emergency and cost of living crisis many are experiencing. We subsidise hugely profitable fossil fuel companies rather than taxing them fairly. Yet, a Green New Deal offers a huge economic opportunity. With a Green New Deal, we could put people to work insulating our nation’s homes and investing in future renewable technologies. The Green Party is committed to making these things happen. Yorkshire has an important role in any progressive future vision for the UK. I want to help Yorkshire lead the implementation of a Green New Deal that brings near-term prosperity to our region and long-term security to our nation and planet.

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