Hannah Katherine Corlett

About Hannah Katherine Corlett

I have lived in the village of Melmebry for the past five years and in the Harrogate district all my life. I am married with two cats, a vegan and spend my free time outside enjoying all that Yorkshire offers, working on my house and some time spent gaming. I work as a communications officer for Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust and working in marketing and communications for over thirteen years.

When I joined the Green Party in 2020, it was part of a turning point in my life. I got involved with their activism straight away, fighting Harrogate Spring Waters expansion into Rotary Wood, public woodland. Opening my eyes to the damage that is happening to our planet and the part we play in it, in the UK, driven by poor ideological policies. I want to see a change in direction that people lead, and I believe we can do this from the ground up with grassroots activism.

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