Arnold Francis Warneken


About Arnold Francis Warneken

I have lived and worked in the Ainsty for nearly 40 years. I was the Green Party District Councillor for Marston Moor Ward back in the 1990s when the Chief Executive dubbed me ‘the Council’s conscience’!

I joined the Green Party because it recognises the need for social and environmental justice, through the empowerment of local communities, with positive solutions to the issues that challenge human survival.

I am active throughout the year organising food parcels via Ainsty Community Larder, medicines deliveries, and transport for residents. I support road safety measures such as 20’s Plenty and better recycling facilities, and I have personally emptied overflowing dog-poo bins. I have also distributed 300 recycling bags & boxes to residents.

I have a proven track record of getting things done as a volunteer so that I can achieve so much more as a County Councillor.”

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